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Public Hearing - Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance - January 2, 2018




The Richmond Town Council will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. at the Richmond Town Hall, 5 Richmond Townhouse Road, on proposed amendments to Title 18 of the Code of Ordinances, also known as the Richmond Zoning Ordinance.

The proposed amendments are summarized as follows:

        The proposed amendments to Chapters 18.16 (Use Regulations), 18.29 (Off-Street Parking and Loading), and 18.54 (Development Plan Review) would give the Planning Board the authority to approve exterior site plans for commercial medical marijuana growing facilities. A new use code for indoor horticulture would be added to Sec. 18.16.010 and a description of the use code would be added to Sec. 18.16.020. Sec. 18.54.010 would be amended to require development plan review of indoor horticulture facilities. A minimum parking requirement for indoor horticulture facilities would be added to Sec. 18.29.040.

        The proposed changes to Ch. 18.08 (Definitions) amend the definitions of “gross floor area” and “front lot line.”

        The proposed amendments to Ch. 18.20 (Dimensional Regulations), 18.31 (Equestrian Facilities), and 18.36 (Special Regulations) add dimensional regulations for specific uses including equestrian facilities, permitted uses other than houses in residential zones, and multifamily buildings.

        The proposed amendments to Ch. 18.26 (Planned Development Resort District) add “clubhouse” and “novelty dwelling structure” as permitted principal uses and “novelty accessory sleeping structure” as a permitted accessory use. An amendment to Sec. 18.26.050(B) corrects the description of a portion of the residential density overlay to make it consistent with the zoning map. Other proposed amendments to Ch. 18.36, including deletion of some use code descriptions and addition of some use code definitions, make technical changes to the text to make it more consistent with Ch. 18.16 (Use Regulations), but do not alter the meaning or intent of the chapter. 

        The proposed amendments to Ch. 18.52 (Zoning Board of Review) changes the period within which a written zoning board decision must be posted and changes the method by which a written decision must be mailed to the parties, to make the chapter consistent with recent amendments to state law. 

All interested persons will be given an opportunity to be heard on the proposed amendments at the public hearing. The proposed amendments may be altered or amended during the public hearing, without further advertising, as a result of further study or because of the views expressed at the public hearing. Any such alteration or amendment will be presented for comment during the public hearing.

Interested parties may examine or obtain full copies of the proposed amendments at the Town Clerk's Office, Richmond Town Hall, 5 Townhouse Road, Richmond, R.I., between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, except legal holidays.

Any person with sensory impairments who will require auxiliary aid during the public hearing must notify the Town Clerk at least 48 hours before the hearing by calling (401) 539-9000, ext. 9.

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