The Finance Department is responsible for the overall administration of the town's financial activities which include:
  • Finance, accounting, and business administration
  • Annual budgets
  • Audits
  • Human resources
  • Payroll
  • Assets and capital projects
  • Trusts and fiduciaries


The department:
  • Maintains a general accounting system for the town government and each of its offices, departments, and agencies
  • Supervises and is responsible for the disbursements of all monies and has control of all the expenditures to ensure that the budget appropriations are not exceeded
  • Exercises financial budgetary control over each office, department, and agency
  • Has custody of all investments and invested funds of the town government or in possession of such government in fiduciary capacity and has safekeeping of all bonds and notes of the town


The Finance Department provides leadership and support in the management of the town's financial affairs such that all town financial matters are conducted in an efficient, effective, responsive, and professional manner.

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PROPOSED FY-18 Budget - 5/16/18 Public Hearing
FY-18 Budget Revised 5/18/17

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