Tax Assessment

The Tax Assessor’s Office is located on the second floor of the Town Hall Building. The mission of the Department of Assessment is to provide the valuation of all real estate, motor vehicles and tangible personal property located in the Town. Also, is to produce and certify an accurate and timely tax roll on an annual basis. To identify, list and estimate the market value of all residential, commercial, industrial real estate, business tangible property and all registered motor vehicles within the town in a manner prescribed by law.

Vision Government Solutions
Vision Government Solutions is Richmond's Online Database for the Town of Richmond. Visit the site to enter the Assessor's Online Database.

The tax assessor is authorized to grant to every person who is a citizen and resident of the town and who is sixty-five or more years of age, or is less than sixty-five years of age and totally disabled, and is residing in the town in a dwelling house that has been owned by him or her for three years before the date of the assessment for which the exemption is claimed, and that is a constituent part of his or her real property, on proper claim being made therefore, a tax exemption for the calendar year ending December 31, 2012.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • January 31 - Deadline for filing Personal Property Declaration
  • January 31 - Deadline for filing Farm, Forest & Open Space Applications
  • March 15 - Deadline for filing Personal Property Declaration w/approved Extension
  • April 15 - Deadline for filing Senior Citizen & 100% Soc. Sec. App.
  • June - Certification of Tax Roll
  • July - Mailing of current year tax bills

Available Exemptions

  • Senior Citizen
  • 100% Social Security Disabled
  • Veteran/Unmarried Widow or Widower of Veteran
  • 100% Disabled Veteran
  • Gold Star
  • Blind
  • Specially adapted housing for Veteran & unmarried widow or widower of Veteran
  • Motor Vehicle for “Specially Adapted Handicapped Motor Vehicle” (50% of value)

Tax Exemption Forms

Senior Citizen Exemption Application
Veterans' Exemption Application
100% Social Security Disabled Exemption Application
Personal Property Annual Return to Assessor
Farm, Forest and Open Space Land Exemption Application
Annual Camper Declaration

Proration Info (New Construction)

Per RI General Law 44-5-13.4, newly completed construction occurring after any December 31 date of assessment will be issued a prorated bill.

The additional tax bill is calculated on the number of days remaining from the date the Certificate of Occupancy was issued, or from the date the structure was first used for the purpose for which it was built, whichever comes earlier, until December 31 for the assessment year in which the new construction is completed.