Resident & Motorist Responsibilities

 Be alert and drive with caution, remember winter storm create slick road conditions,

     maintain safe distances between vehicles and decrease your driving speed and allow

     additional time to stop.


2) Expect delays allow extra driving time and please do not pass the plow trucks.

     Stay back 50’ from the plow truck and do not crowd in behind him, the vehicle may

     reverse direction at intersections.


3) Park vehicles off the roadway, a parking ban will be in effect and the Police may tow

    vehicles that interfere with snow removal operations.


4) Teach children not to approach a plow truck and to not throw objects at the truck or into

    roadway, do not allow them to play, sled or build snow forts in the road or within close

    proximity to the roadway.


5) Remove all basketball hoops, hockey goals, skateboard ramps and other items that

    should not be in the roadway. The Town is not responsible for damage done to items

    left in the right-of way.


6) Trees and other landscape features that are within the right-of way and close to the edge of

     the roadway are not the responsibility of the Town if damage is done.The Town has the

     right to remove and trim trees, branches and shrubs that interfere and damage our



7) The Town is not responsible for snow that is deposited in your driveway, we do not do this

    intentionally and each side of the road receives the same amount of snow.


8) Mailboxes are damaged in many ways, if our equipment physically hits it with the plow

   or backs into it, we will repair or replace it, mailboxes that are damaged by snow from the

   plow is not the town’s responsibility. A properly installed and maintained mailbox should

   withstand snow removal efforts.


9) The shoveling of, snow blowing of and the plowing of snow into a town road from

     a private driveway, parking lot or private road is prohibited and punishable

     by law.