Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

To lessen the waste stream generated in our town, please consider how you can help make a positive impact. First, reduce the amount of resources and products that you use in your everyday lives. Reuse items wherever you can. Check out Freecycle in our area, including Westerly and Wakefield, where you can give away or pickup items for reuse. Place a covered, animal-proofed compost bin in your yard which can convert some of your food wastes (e.g., vegetable matter) into valuable compost. Finally, separate out materials that can be recycled by placing in separate containers that can be picked up by your contracted waste hauler or can be readily taken to the town’s transfer station for recycling. Everyone’s responsibility takes minimal extra effort that goes a long way to reducing wastes disposed in the town’s landfill. The average household has the potential of recycling about 60% of their total waste. We hope you can meet or exceed this goal.

It Pays to Recycle

The town benefits from recycling by receiving an annual monetary payment provided a minimum target volume based on our town’s population of recycled material is received by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC). The RIRRC is in the process of expanding the type of plastics that they will accept for recycling.

General everyday recycling no longer requires the separation of materials into blue and green bins with the introduction of single stream recycling, check out the Rhode Island Resource Recovery website, for new items that can be recycled as well.

This website also gives instructions on the disposal of other items such as appliances, yard trimmings, clothing and shoes, computers / electronic waste, and household hazardous waste [HHW]. A Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] section is available along with the current Schedule for the Eco-Depot Events throughout the State where you can bring and drop off HHW at no fee.

Special Disposal

A fee is charged for disposal depending on the weight of materials to be disposed. A fee of $3.75 is charged for trash / waste weighing 50 pounds or less. See the Public Works Department-Transfer Station fees for a complete list of disposal fees for larger items.

Richmond Transfer Station

The town of Richmond Transfer Station is located at 51 Buttonwoods Road. Residents of Richmond who use the facility are required to display a Transfer Facility Sticker affixed to the inside of the back window, passenger side. The Richmond Resident Transfer Facility Sticker is free for Richmond residents and may be obtained at the Town Clerk's Office upon presentation of your valid vehicle registration.

Residents of the Town of Hopkinton may also use the Richmond Transfer Facility upon payment of an annual fee of $25 for a special Transfer Station Sticker, also available at the Richmond Town Clerk's Office and presentation of a valid vehicle registration.

Hours of operation for the Richmond Transfer Station are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Disposal facilities at the Transfer Station are also available for used motor oil, large plastic and metal items, small quantities of construction debris and e-waste. Fees may apply in some cases.

The phone number for the Transfer Station is 401-491-9505.