Business Licenses and Permits

Prior to opening a business within the Town of Richmond, please contact the Zoning Department. Pursuant to Chapter 5.06 of the Town Code of Ordinances every corporation, partnership, limited liability company, sole proprietorship, or other business entity located in Richmond, whether wholesale, retail, commercial, or manufacturing, shall register with the town clerk. The business shall provide to the town clerk the name of the business, the name of the owner, the type of business or nature of the business, the mailing address, the physical address, the telephone number, and the e-mail address of the business. The information shall be submitted on a form (PDF) provided by the town clerk for that purpose. The registration shall not expire and need not be renewed annually, provided, however, that if any information submitted for registration has changed, including but not limited to the address of the business, the business shall obtain a new registration certificate. There shall be no fee for the registration.

The registration required by this Chapter is not a substitute for registration of an assumed business name. If you are conducting a business in Richmond under an assumed business name, or under any designation or name other than the real name or names of the person or persons conducting the business pursuant to Title 6, Chapter 1 of the RI General Laws requires that you file a certificate (PDF) with the Town Clerk stating under oath the name under which the business is conducted and the full names and mailing addresses of the persons conducting the business. This law does not apply to corporations or limited partnerships. This law applies to partnerships and joint ventures when the name of the business does not contain the real name of at least one partner or joint venturer. The filing fee is $10.00.

The certificate required by this Chapter is also in addition to any license or permit required to operate or engage in a particular business activity. You may also be required to obtain business licenses in accordance with Title 5 of the Town Code of Ordinances.

Certificates of Business Registration, Registration of Assumed Business Name (DBA), and the applications for business licenses may be obtained below. All business licenses are subject to approval of the Town Council.

All of the below licenses also require an Application for Municipal License (PDF). Only one Application for Municipal License is required to be on file with the Town.

Our office will not accept an application unless all fields on both the Checklist and Fact Sheet as well as the Application have been completed. If you have any questions, please call 401-539-9000 x 9 for further explanation.

New Business Checklist
Business License Application Referral Sheet

Certificate of Business Registration (PDF)
DBA - Registration of Assumed Business Name (PDF)
Dog Kennel License (PDF)
Hawker-Peddler - Door to Door Salesperson License (PDF)
Holiday Sales License (PDF)
Indoor Entertainment License (PDF)
Liquor License - CLUB (PDF)
Liquor License - CORP (PDF)
Liquor License - Individual or Partner (PDF)
Liquor License - LLC (PDF)
Outdoor Entertainment License (PDF)
Private Detective License (PDF)
Refuse Collection and Hauling (PDF)
Seasonal Recreation Facility (PDF)
Second Hand Dealer - Junkyard - Flea Market (PDF)
Table Games and Game Rooms License (PDF)
Victualing License (PDF)
Victualing License - Additional Hours (PDF)