Budget Process

Budget Process

Information regarding town budgets and audited financial statements may be found under the Finance Department.

The Board of Finance consists of five members that are appointed by the Town Council. The Town Administrator and Finance Director shall be Ex-Officio members.

The Board of Finance conducts public meetings at which officials and employees of the Town and members of the public are provided an opportunity to make recommendations for the adjustment of proposed expenditures.

A budget shall be proposed for consideration and approval at the financial town meeting according to the following procedure:

No later than the last business day in December of each year, the Town Administrator prepares a draft preliminary budget for the next fiscal year and submits that budget to the Board of Finance for its consideration.

The Board of Finance shall receive budget requests from Town departments, offices, and agencies and funding requests from nonprofit community service organizations, prepare a revised draft budget, and submit that budget to the Town Administrator no later than the fifteenth day of March of each year.

The Town Administrator shall prepare a final version of the proposed budget, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Board of Finance, and submit the proposed budget to the Town Council no later than the last business day of March of each year.

The Town Council shall conduct a public hearing on the budget.

Financial Town Meeting - second Monday in June each year to enact the Town budget.