Locator Cards - Chariho School District

Chariho School District - Issuance of Locator Cards:

The Town of Richmond has developed and adopted a new policy for the issuance of locator cards. To obtain a locator card, one of the child’s/student’s parents, guardians or a person acting in loco parentis or acting on behalf of homeless children/students must respond to the Town Clerk’s Office and provide the following documents: 

  1. A valid photo identification, such as a current RI motor vehicle operator’s license or RI state identification card, with current street address.  If you need to update your address with the RI DMV, click on this link
  2. A certified copy of the child’s/student’s birth certificate; 
  3. Proof of residency, such as a piece of mail with a current address, tax bill, utility bill, executed property deed, or some other proof of residency; 
  4. If not a homeowner, a rental lease agreement granting possession of a dwelling and verification of occupancy by the landlord; 
  5. In addition, an Affidavit of Residency/Homelessness, provided by the Town Clerk’s Office must be completed and attested to. 

*An English translation must be provided for any documents, not in English. 

There may be a delay of a few days before a locator card can be issued while eligibility for enrollment is being determined.